Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To Save Money

Saving money as a substitute for making money is not unusual, but it is less common than it was in previous generations. More often now, people look to spend less only when forced to do so by circumstance, rather than as a way to set aside savings for goals. That is the key, obviously. You have to actually save money when you spend less, and preferably in a separate bank account set up for that purpose. Otherwise you're just changing how you spend all your money each month.

The big ways to save, and to therefore make the money for your goals, start with the big expenditures. If you really want to build up that vacation fund fast, or put together a down payment for a house, or save for a business, you need to look at things like housing costs, utilities, car payments and anything that take a big chunk of your monthly income. Refinancing a house at a lower interest rate, for example, might cut your payment by a hundred fifty dollars monthly. That alone is $18,000 in ten years time. Renting a smaller apartment for a hundred dollars less per month, and saving another fifty on utilities because it is small, can add up that much as well.

But in addition to the large items in the budget, there are many small things you can do to save money as well. One of them is to look for other uses for things that you already have or might normally throw away. The rest of this article will list a few suggestions.

Repurposing to Save Money

Mouse pads are common enough now that they are often thrown away. If you have a couple extra ones around, though, you can use them as kneeling pads when gardening or doing projects that require you to kneel down. That can save you a few dollars versus buying the pads made for that purpose. They also work as jar openers.

Address labels are given away as part of direct mail campaigns. I get them almost every week, and you may also get them once in a while. If you have more than you will ever use for your letters, you can use them to label possessions. You can use them to stick up notes, with no need to tear off a piece of tape. They also work as staple substitutes. Fold a label over the top corner of two pieces of paper to hold them together.

Plastic gallon jugs that milk and orange juice come in have many uses. Tie a string to a cement block and the other end to a milk jug and use this to mark a good fishing spot. Cut the jug in half and the top half makes a good funnel for some purposes. Save the bottom half to use as a water dish for pets, or as a lightweight dishwashing basin for backpacking. Cut part of the top of a jug off diagonally and you have a scoop with a handle (leave the screw-top on), which can be used for scooping out dog food, or even as a sand scoop for the kids to play with. The jugs can also be used to store things like bird seed, rice, salt for the sidewalk, or anything that gets too messy in a bag.

Of course ideally you want to look not just for other uses for things, but for uses that substitute for something you would have otherwise bought. As mentioned, this is not a big way to save money, but if you find enough of these small ways, it adds up. And if you set aside the savings, this can be effectively the same as making money for your goals, but perhaps with less work than going out to earn more.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Writing Does Pay

I have posted here before that writing really pays but here I am again, reiterating myself on how easy it is to earn through writing and blogging. Although many people are not really fond of earning through writing, due to their reasons that they are not good in writing or they are not good in English or they have really poor grammar, earning through writing and blogging is still my number one recommendation when it comes to earning online.

Writing is the fastest and most legitimate way of earning, and aside from that, the money is good too. Compared to pay to click (ptc), writing will give you at least a dollar for a minute work and as much at $20 or more for longer articles. It is also the most legitimate because you own the article and you have the right to publish it as your own if you are not paid. Some of the sites where you can get writing tasks are PayPerPost, Social Spark, CloudCrowd, Microworkers, or just simply search the net. Some require you your own blog while others just want you to write.

There are also some companies that hire writers who can write blog posts, internet articles, resumes, and marketing articles, however make sure that they are legitimate before accepting tasks from them. Some are just shady people who want free articles from writers that they can fool. 

When writing online to earn, it's more convenient if you have Paypal account where you can accept payment compared to bank transfer. It is safe and fast, you can easily ask for advance because your employer or you can file a dispute if one of you does not follow the agreement.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Online Jewelry Business

In the prime, Jewelry business should prove to be the beginning of a very successful business for any one who goes into this. There should be a planned and coordinated relationship with the Research and Business Partners. These relationships will help the Owners to attain an overall extremely rewarding business fruits in hand and will see that their clients will have a successful fruition with the smiles and genuine expression of thanks. 

Jewelry online is common in the modern world. Many business people make money thru these. Their clients are those who use internet and make research online and offline. Hence, such online business people will go for a local supplier of their products that the online clients want. 

Such offers have to be given with a buy back guarantee. If the clients are not satisfied with the product supplied by your local supplier, they can return it within 30 days for a refund. Because of this by back guarantee, the Owners are constrained to know, with whom they are dealing. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most Pinoy Professionals Unhappy at Work

Based on the report I read in, it was found out from the study made by Accenture that 80% of the Filipino professionals are unhappy. The study showed that Filipino workers are looking for better compensation, benefits and work-life balance. 

I am not surprised of this report since before I became a full-time online earner, I was once an employee. I say that in the office where I work before, 99% of the employees are not happy. And the sad part is that, although we were not happy in our job, we were not willing to change jobs. How could we? First of all is that it is difficult to find a new job. And secondly, change is not always good. 

I also think that most Filipinos only consider that improvement in job and life means working abroad. This way of thinking should be first changed as there are ways to be happy in job. One needs to accept what he is doing before he can be happy. Another is that employers must also provide assistance to employees. I personally believe that employees can be happy not only with bigger compensation but with a happy work-environment. 

Well, nothing can beat a self-employed person like me. I didn't regret leaving work field. Being a work-at-home mom gives me more time and sometimes more money. I own my time and I don't have boss. The earnings is unlimited, and I don't have so much pressure.Although sometimes I miss the office settings environment, and the interaction with office mates and clients, but I just think that there are advantages and disadvantages of working at home, and working in the office.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

100K Jobs on May 1, Wage Hike Too

It will be good news for Filipinos who are looking for jobs, on May 1st, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will give 100,000 jobs. And another good news is that on May 15, DOLE and National Wages and Productivity Commission will also announce possible wage increase, though it is not yet know how much would it be. 

These news will definitely be welcomed by workers specially on May1, the Labor Day celebration. I just wonder, what kind of jobs would the DOLE would be giving. In my previous experience, the often available jobs are casual-level jobs (no benefits like SSS, healthcare, bonus) and commission-based jobs, which are just a waste of time and energy. Well, let's just hope that this year will be good for workers and laborers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Payment from MicroWorkers

I've been members of MicroWorkers for several months now and have done several tasks there. Two days ago, I finally received the pin code which was emailed to me by MicroWorkers. This pin code is required to make first withdrawal. After submitting the pin code, I was able to withdraw my earnings and now received it to my Paypal account. 
Tasks in MicroWorkers are easy. Some of the usual tasks I do are subscribing in YouTube channels, putting links in my blog, writing small post about some topic and post it in my blog. Since my blogs are free-hosted, I miss many tasks which require self-hosted and owned domain blogs. Maybe if I have my blogs' domains owned, I could have earned more, but I'll lose the PR that I have now if I change my domains, and I know it would take so many months before I could earn it again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earning with PayPerPost

Two months ago, I saw a post from a blogger while I was Adgitizing about PayPerPost. I checked it out and joined after. Earning in PayPerPost is easy, as long as you have a good blog. After my blog was approved, I check almost every day for new task, and sometimes I get lucky to get tasks. Yesterday, I received my first payment of 50 cents for the first post I wrote, and today I got another payment for $1. Below is the payment proof for my first payout for the first post I made for Inpostlinks. I still have $8 pending for payment and just waiting for the approval time. I am happy with my earnings there but I just hope that I could withdraw the earnings all at the same time.