Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most Pinoy Professionals Unhappy at Work

Based on the report I read in, it was found out from the study made by Accenture that 80% of the Filipino professionals are unhappy. The study showed that Filipino workers are looking for better compensation, benefits and work-life balance. 

I am not surprised of this report since before I became a full-time online earner, I was once an employee. I say that in the office where I work before, 99% of the employees are not happy. And the sad part is that, although we were not happy in our job, we were not willing to change jobs. How could we? First of all is that it is difficult to find a new job. And secondly, change is not always good. 

I also think that most Filipinos only consider that improvement in job and life means working abroad. This way of thinking should be first changed as there are ways to be happy in job. One needs to accept what he is doing before he can be happy. Another is that employers must also provide assistance to employees. I personally believe that employees can be happy not only with bigger compensation but with a happy work-environment. 

Well, nothing can beat a self-employed person like me. I didn't regret leaving work field. Being a work-at-home mom gives me more time and sometimes more money. I own my time and I don't have boss. The earnings is unlimited, and I don't have so much pressure.Although sometimes I miss the office settings environment, and the interaction with office mates and clients, but I just think that there are advantages and disadvantages of working at home, and working in the office.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

100K Jobs on May 1, Wage Hike Too

It will be good news for Filipinos who are looking for jobs, on May 1st, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will give 100,000 jobs. And another good news is that on May 15, DOLE and National Wages and Productivity Commission will also announce possible wage increase, though it is not yet know how much would it be. 

These news will definitely be welcomed by workers specially on May1, the Labor Day celebration. I just wonder, what kind of jobs would the DOLE would be giving. In my previous experience, the often available jobs are casual-level jobs (no benefits like SSS, healthcare, bonus) and commission-based jobs, which are just a waste of time and energy. Well, let's just hope that this year will be good for workers and laborers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Payment from MicroWorkers

I've been members of MicroWorkers for several months now and have done several tasks there. Two days ago, I finally received the pin code which was emailed to me by MicroWorkers. This pin code is required to make first withdrawal. After submitting the pin code, I was able to withdraw my earnings and now received it to my Paypal account. 
Tasks in MicroWorkers are easy. Some of the usual tasks I do are subscribing in YouTube channels, putting links in my blog, writing small post about some topic and post it in my blog. Since my blogs are free-hosted, I miss many tasks which require self-hosted and owned domain blogs. Maybe if I have my blogs' domains owned, I could have earned more, but I'll lose the PR that I have now if I change my domains, and I know it would take so many months before I could earn it again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earning with PayPerPost

Two months ago, I saw a post from a blogger while I was Adgitizing about PayPerPost. I checked it out and joined after. Earning in PayPerPost is easy, as long as you have a good blog. After my blog was approved, I check almost every day for new task, and sometimes I get lucky to get tasks. Yesterday, I received my first payment of 50 cents for the first post I wrote, and today I got another payment for $1. Below is the payment proof for my first payout for the first post I made for Inpostlinks. I still have $8 pending for payment and just waiting for the approval time. I am happy with my earnings there but I just hope that I could withdraw the earnings all at the same time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Need Funds for your Fave Charity?

Do you have a favorite charity? Do you know a charity that needs funds? You can recommend it in Tagvillage. Just submit the required information of the charity and it may be chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the donation program of Tagvillage. So far, Tagvillage has donated $3625.00 to different charities and another $4858.88 donation is on pending. Members can suggest the charities and organizations to be one of the beneficiaries of this funds. Charities can be anywhere around the globe.

Tagvillage and its members have aim of earning money and helping other people too. I have been a member of Tagvillage for several months and I can say that I am happy. So far, my account is worth $200+ with an investment worth $35 only. I will receive my first cash out of $25 this end of April. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

TagVillage Payment At Last!

This is the moment that I have been waiting for since I joined TagVillage, that is to post a payment proof from the site. Since I joined during the site's beta testing time, it took time before the payout was available. The site became live last December and I was one of the early bird members, and I was one who also availed many of its bonuses. Right now, my account is worth $200 and just the other day, I received my first $25. 

Right now, my favorite part in earning in TagVillage is receiving commission from my referrals (though I only have 3 active referrals), and my other activities. Sometimes, even if my referrals have no activities and I also have no activity, I am surprised to receive commissions. I dare not to ask how the commissions are counted since the admin has told before that every activity a member makes in TagVillage or Facebook or any social network which is connected to TagVillage will affect the commission. Everyday, I am excited to check my commission (activity points) earned which is paid everyday. 

The next big thing that I am awaiting to happen in TagVillage is earning through advertisements. I made sure that my owned tags are ads-friendly, so that when the ad function of the TagVillage goes live, I will have my tags used by advertisers, and that means "cha-ching", just money without doing anything.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To Earn in Prizelive

Prizelive has been one of the most trusted money-making sites however, although there are already millions of members, there are still many who register but do not know how to earn money from it. I know it because I was one of those who left Prizelive for a brief time but decided to learn how to earn money there. 

In Prizelive, you can earn directly cash (1 point = $1) and game points. Game points is used in playing games available in Prizelive too. If you win in the game, you will receive cash.

One thing that I like in Prizelive is that they give different ways to earn, however you need to do is know what are those.
1. Earn by doing offers. There are offers such as survey, purchase, trial, click ads, and others, some are available for international members but many are for members from US, UK, and Canada. International members get lesser offers however, this should not be the reason to stop being active in Prizelive as there are many other ways to earn here. The prizes in doing offers vary from cash to game points.

2.  Install Prizelive Toolbar. By installing the toolbar, you will get a bonus game points every day, which you can use to play a game.

3. Play Games. This is my favorite. I would collect game points and play my favorite Match Up, but of there are other games around. 

4. Own Offers. You can actually own offers and earn from the members who do it. Earn cash and game points.

5. Win in contests. There are many contests in Prizelive and you can win cash too. I won a forum contest once worth $5, but I am not active in forum so that was the last.

6. Win Jackpot prize. Monthly there is a jackpot worth hundreds of dollars. You can earn entries every day by just clicking some ads which prize is jackpot entries.

7. Join in other members' contests. There are members who occasionally hold their own contest. Just visit forum to know who is having a contest.

8. Earn from referrals. You will also get commission from your referral earnings. The more you refer, the more commissions you'll receive, and you might win in the referral contest too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Tips in Online Advertising

I hope this may help some of my readers who are interested to advertise their site or products.

Tips on Online Advertising

Advertising is an essential part in running a business, may it be an offline or online business. However, due to the trend of internet today, more and more people prefer online advertising. The whole world would be able to know about their product and services if they post it online. Yet, one must understand the ins and outs of online advertising. There is a general notion that the more traffic you get the better. Although this may be partly true, but it is not always right.

There are so many pay to click websites that offers advertisements.  Advertisers put their promotion in those websites to get clickers. In this way, they will get busier traffic. But the main goal in advertising is to reach out to the target consumers. This way of advertising does not cater to such goal. Most of the clickers do not even read what the advertisements are all about; they just wait for the timer to finish so they can click another ad. In this way, the purpose of posting an advertisement is not accomplished. And many advertisers realize this after some time.

So what is the effective way to advertise online?  How will you reach your target costumers? Actually, it is not so hard to have a really worthy traffic. There are several ways on making your traffic to your website busy.

First, you must make the content of your website clear. What is your website all about? Are the contents valuable for the readers? You have to make sure that when they click your link, they will be directed to a site where they can get what exactly they want, and not only wasting their time. You can provide pictures, articles, links and other information for the visitors. However, you have to make sure that they still are intact to the theme of your website. Put some personal touch.  Your experiences, escapades, and your thoughts can also be included. In this way, visitors will have a glimpse on what your website truly is.  

Writing articles or blogs are also helpful. People who are searching for particular topic will be directed to your website as soon as you hit the right keywords. There are a lot of websites now where you can post blogs, or publish your articles. Mention there about the scope of your website, what products or services do you offer. You can write them directly or indirectly as long as you do not forget to put the link of your website.

Join forums. Forum is always the busiest site; many people interact about anything and everything. Here, you can freely advertise your website by just interacting with forum users. You can directly answer questions and queries.

You do not need to spend so money in promoting your business online. There are lots of ways to show them to the world. Online advertising is not that so hard as you think. Just do those things mentioned above, then you will see that you will hit the traffic that you wanted.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changes in Clixsense Starts in March

Members of Clixsense have more reasons to visit and be active as it will bring good changes. In an email I received from Clixsense, the following changes will take effect this March.

1. ClixSense is in the process of rolling out a whole new website with new commissions, more ways to make money and even paid surveys. This new website will be available in the first week of March 

2. New commission structure you can earn up to 5 times what you would have made with the old ClixSense.

3. Increasing commissions on the ClixGrid game, giving more chances to win, 

4. Paying higher downline click commissions.

5. Adding PayPal, Liberty Reserve 

6. Will be offering weekly payouts. 

7. The addition of a fourm will allow members communicate with other members.

8. Addition of Facebook fan page. 

I think addition of Paypal is great, and also higher click commissions. What do you think of these new changes in Clixsense? 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My TagVillage Statistics

Since the start of TagVillage trading a week ago, I have been trading everyday whenever I get time. As of now, I have 43 tags/words I own which values $195.45. I also have $13.47 to spend and $35 reserve. I am happy with the result of my trading in TagVillage. Although my stats is way too far from other traders, who have thousands of dollars worth of tags, I can say I am doing well since I only invested $35. Since the $35 is in reserve, that means I am only using the money I earn for my trading expenses.

TagVillage is still in beta testing so cashing out is still not available. However, I am not in a hurry to cash out since I am still enjoying trading tags since there are still very good words at very cheap price. Every day I would spend at least more than an hour to buy and sell words. Sometimes my adrenaline just gets high specially if there is a continuous buying and selling of words. It's like trading in intra-day stock market!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tag Village Starts Tag Trading

Tag trading has officially started in Tag Village yesterday. Tag trading is a money making program that allows member to buy and sell keywords or tags. Keywords price starts at 10 cents and it goes up as long as there are buyers. Aside from tag trading, members also earn based on the activity or transaction they did. For several days, tag trading is open for early members, those who join and funded their account before December 15, and after few days, it will be open for regular and new members. This early tag trading opportunity is given for early members to show appreciation for being a loyal member, and I am lucky to be included as founding members.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts about Tag Village and tag trading, I joined last December and funded my account with $35, which has now become $160+, and I use this fund in tag trading. I am looking forward of increasing this amount through trading, but since I am not getting much free time to trade, I am not sure how will I fare in trading. As of now, I own several good tags but expensive ones. I hope to sell them when regular members start to trade. If I won't be able to sell them, I still be able to earn from them through advertisers who will link to my keywords. I am keeping my fingers crossed. X