Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changes in Clixsense Starts in March

Members of Clixsense have more reasons to visit and be active as it will bring good changes. In an email I received from Clixsense, the following changes will take effect this March.

1. ClixSense is in the process of rolling out a whole new website with new commissions, more ways to make money and even paid surveys. This new website will be available in the first week of March 

2. New commission structure you can earn up to 5 times what you would have made with the old ClixSense.

3. Increasing commissions on the ClixGrid game, giving more chances to win, 

4. Paying higher downline click commissions.

5. Adding PayPal, Liberty Reserve 

6. Will be offering weekly payouts. 

7. The addition of a fourm will allow members communicate with other members.

8. Addition of Facebook fan page. 

I think addition of Paypal is great, and also higher click commissions. What do you think of these new changes in Clixsense? 

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