Thursday, February 17, 2011

My TagVillage Statistics

Since the start of TagVillage trading a week ago, I have been trading everyday whenever I get time. As of now, I have 43 tags/words I own which values $195.45. I also have $13.47 to spend and $35 reserve. I am happy with the result of my trading in TagVillage. Although my stats is way too far from other traders, who have thousands of dollars worth of tags, I can say I am doing well since I only invested $35. Since the $35 is in reserve, that means I am only using the money I earn for my trading expenses.

TagVillage is still in beta testing so cashing out is still not available. However, I am not in a hurry to cash out since I am still enjoying trading tags since there are still very good words at very cheap price. Every day I would spend at least more than an hour to buy and sell words. Sometimes my adrenaline just gets high specially if there is a continuous buying and selling of words. It's like trading in intra-day stock market!

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