Friday, February 11, 2011

Tag Village Starts Tag Trading

Tag trading has officially started in Tag Village yesterday. Tag trading is a money making program that allows member to buy and sell keywords or tags. Keywords price starts at 10 cents and it goes up as long as there are buyers. Aside from tag trading, members also earn based on the activity or transaction they did. For several days, tag trading is open for early members, those who join and funded their account before December 15, and after few days, it will be open for regular and new members. This early tag trading opportunity is given for early members to show appreciation for being a loyal member, and I am lucky to be included as founding members.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts about Tag Village and tag trading, I joined last December and funded my account with $35, which has now become $160+, and I use this fund in tag trading. I am looking forward of increasing this amount through trading, but since I am not getting much free time to trade, I am not sure how will I fare in trading. As of now, I own several good tags but expensive ones. I hope to sell them when regular members start to trade. If I won't be able to sell them, I still be able to earn from them through advertisers who will link to my keywords. I am keeping my fingers crossed. X

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