Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To Earn in Prizelive

Prizelive has been one of the most trusted money-making sites however, although there are already millions of members, there are still many who register but do not know how to earn money from it. I know it because I was one of those who left Prizelive for a brief time but decided to learn how to earn money there. 

In Prizelive, you can earn directly cash (1 point = $1) and game points. Game points is used in playing games available in Prizelive too. If you win in the game, you will receive cash.

One thing that I like in Prizelive is that they give different ways to earn, however you need to do is know what are those.
1. Earn by doing offers. There are offers such as survey, purchase, trial, click ads, and others, some are available for international members but many are for members from US, UK, and Canada. International members get lesser offers however, this should not be the reason to stop being active in Prizelive as there are many other ways to earn here. The prizes in doing offers vary from cash to game points.

2.  Install Prizelive Toolbar. By installing the toolbar, you will get a bonus game points every day, which you can use to play a game.

3. Play Games. This is my favorite. I would collect game points and play my favorite Match Up, but of there are other games around. 

4. Own Offers. You can actually own offers and earn from the members who do it. Earn cash and game points.

5. Win in contests. There are many contests in Prizelive and you can win cash too. I won a forum contest once worth $5, but I am not active in forum so that was the last.

6. Win Jackpot prize. Monthly there is a jackpot worth hundreds of dollars. You can earn entries every day by just clicking some ads which prize is jackpot entries.

7. Join in other members' contests. There are members who occasionally hold their own contest. Just visit forum to know who is having a contest.

8. Earn from referrals. You will also get commission from your referral earnings. The more you refer, the more commissions you'll receive, and you might win in the referral contest too.

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