Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Payment from MicroWorkers

I've been members of MicroWorkers for several months now and have done several tasks there. Two days ago, I finally received the pin code which was emailed to me by MicroWorkers. This pin code is required to make first withdrawal. After submitting the pin code, I was able to withdraw my earnings and now received it to my Paypal account. 
Tasks in MicroWorkers are easy. Some of the usual tasks I do are subscribing in YouTube channels, putting links in my blog, writing small post about some topic and post it in my blog. Since my blogs are free-hosted, I miss many tasks which require self-hosted and owned domain blogs. Maybe if I have my blogs' domains owned, I could have earned more, but I'll lose the PR that I have now if I change my domains, and I know it would take so many months before I could earn it again.

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