Monday, April 11, 2011

TagVillage Payment At Last!

This is the moment that I have been waiting for since I joined TagVillage, that is to post a payment proof from the site. Since I joined during the site's beta testing time, it took time before the payout was available. The site became live last December and I was one of the early bird members, and I was one who also availed many of its bonuses. Right now, my account is worth $200 and just the other day, I received my first $25. 

Right now, my favorite part in earning in TagVillage is receiving commission from my referrals (though I only have 3 active referrals), and my other activities. Sometimes, even if my referrals have no activities and I also have no activity, I am surprised to receive commissions. I dare not to ask how the commissions are counted since the admin has told before that every activity a member makes in TagVillage or Facebook or any social network which is connected to TagVillage will affect the commission. Everyday, I am excited to check my commission (activity points) earned which is paid everyday. 

The next big thing that I am awaiting to happen in TagVillage is earning through advertisements. I made sure that my owned tags are ads-friendly, so that when the ad function of the TagVillage goes live, I will have my tags used by advertisers, and that means "cha-ching", just money without doing anything.

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