Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most Pinoy Professionals Unhappy at Work

Based on the report I read in, it was found out from the study made by Accenture that 80% of the Filipino professionals are unhappy. The study showed that Filipino workers are looking for better compensation, benefits and work-life balance. 

I am not surprised of this report since before I became a full-time online earner, I was once an employee. I say that in the office where I work before, 99% of the employees are not happy. And the sad part is that, although we were not happy in our job, we were not willing to change jobs. How could we? First of all is that it is difficult to find a new job. And secondly, change is not always good. 

I also think that most Filipinos only consider that improvement in job and life means working abroad. This way of thinking should be first changed as there are ways to be happy in job. One needs to accept what he is doing before he can be happy. Another is that employers must also provide assistance to employees. I personally believe that employees can be happy not only with bigger compensation but with a happy work-environment. 

Well, nothing can beat a self-employed person like me. I didn't regret leaving work field. Being a work-at-home mom gives me more time and sometimes more money. I own my time and I don't have boss. The earnings is unlimited, and I don't have so much pressure.Although sometimes I miss the office settings environment, and the interaction with office mates and clients, but I just think that there are advantages and disadvantages of working at home, and working in the office.