Monday, August 20, 2012

Writing Does Pay

I have posted here before that writing really pays but here I am again, reiterating myself on how easy it is to earn through writing and blogging. Although many people are not really fond of earning through writing, due to their reasons that they are not good in writing or they are not good in English or they have really poor grammar, earning through writing and blogging is still my number one recommendation when it comes to earning online.

Writing is the fastest and most legitimate way of earning, and aside from that, the money is good too. Compared to pay to click (ptc), writing will give you at least a dollar for a minute work and as much at $20 or more for longer articles. It is also the most legitimate because you own the article and you have the right to publish it as your own if you are not paid. Some of the sites where you can get writing tasks are PayPerPost, Social Spark, CloudCrowd, Microworkers, or just simply search the net. Some require you your own blog while others just want you to write.

There are also some companies that hire writers who can write blog posts, internet articles, resumes, and marketing articles, however make sure that they are legitimate before accepting tasks from them. Some are just shady people who want free articles from writers that they can fool. 

When writing online to earn, it's more convenient if you have Paypal account where you can accept payment compared to bank transfer. It is safe and fast, you can easily ask for advance because your employer or you can file a dispute if one of you does not follow the agreement.

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